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Liz Cohen, ceramic artist in pottery studio
Liz Cohen is a ceramic artist who works out of her home studio in Denver, CO. She's been working with clay since 2010, when she took her first hand-building class while in school at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. She went on to receive a BA in Studio Art, and has been working in clay ever since.
In 2014 Liz left her home state and moved to Denver, CO. In between working random jobs to pay the bills and save money, she was still able to keep her hands in clay, working part-time as a pottery instructor and studio tech at a few local recreation centers. She would also work out of whatever home she was renting at the time by turning a spare bedroom into a makeshift studio. These little studios gave her a place where she was able to practice and perfect her skills in clay.
In 2018, she and her significant other were able to purchase their first home, which they jokingly call "The Compound" because of the many detached structures located on the property. In addition to the detached garage (which functions as a fully equipped gym space where her partner Nathan works as a personal trainer), there's a storage shed, greenhouse (still in progress), in-law suit that they've converted into a thriving Air BnB business, and Liz's 10' x 20' studio, which they built in 2019. You can currently find Liz working out of this home studio as a full-time potter/ceramic artist. Her work mainly consists of functional ware with a retro flare, and she also enjoys creating sculpture and installations when the opportunity presents itself.